Central City Brewing Company, 13450 102 Avenue, Surrey Whalley
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With Brewmaster, Gary Lohin and his passion and knowledge for the art of craft beer, Central City Brewing Co is recognized as the makers of the "Best Beer in BC". (CamraBC Best of the Best, Vancouver Beer Awards 2009) Pair the beer with Chef Carl Swatsky's devotion for using local and fresh ingredients and you'll find that we provide you with a dining experience unlike any other. In the heart of Surrey's Central City, this is The Place to have a beer, watch the game and enjoy some dinner with friends and family in a warm, inviting atmosphere!

Central City Brewing Company Rating
Restaurant rating: 3.7 out of 5 with 3 ratings
Our Starters
Daily Soup -
A daily creation by our chef
Cheesy Bread -
Forno baked bread smothered in cheese served with a meat sauce
Cheese Stick -
Breaded and deep fried stout cheddar, made from out stout and hand crafted at The Farm House Natural Cheeses in Agassiz. Served with crustinis and a blueberry, basil and beer sauce
Wings -
Tossed in your choice of sauce: honey ginger, teriyaki, hot, inferno, jerk or stout BBQ. Served with celery, carrots and a side of ranch or blue cheese
11.00Special of the day on Monday
Chicken Tenders and Fries -
Panko breaded chicken breast fillets and beer battered fries. Served with honey mustard dipping sauce
Hummus -
Olive oil hummus and stout balsamic drizzle, tomato and forno baked flat bread
Dry Ribs -
A pub favourite! Pork button ribs fried until crispy, tossed with kosher salt and craked black pepper
Charcuterie Plate -
A selection of the best salumi from around the world. Served with bread and assorted condiments
Yam Fries -
Served with ancho mayonnaise
Beer Battered Fries -
Ask your server for your choice of added condiment
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Classic Caesar -
Crisp romaine lettuce, creamy dressing, croutons, garnished with crispy capers
Full 9.00 Half 5.00
CCBC Greens -
Mixed greens, honey pecans, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and goat cheese, toasted in roasted pepper balsamic Dijon vinaigrette
West Coast Salad -
Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and avocado, tossed in our lemon herb vinaigrette and topped with grilled prawns and a 5oz wild Coho salmon fillet
Antipasto Salad -
Grilled summer veggies with bocconcini, tossed in balsamic, olive oil and fresh herbs and served with forno baked flat bread
back to top Our Mussels
Bacon and Blue Cheese -
Danish blue cheese with beer cured bacon and Red Racer Pale Ale sauce
Full 15.00 Half 10.00Special of the day on Thursday
Sausage -
Spicy Italian sausage in a tomato broth
Full 15.00 Half 10.00Special of the day on Thursday
Marinara -
Tomato and herb broth
Full 15.00 Half 10.00Special of the day on Thursday
Pesto -
Basil and Parmesan pesto cream sauce
Full 15.00 Half 10.00Special of the day on Thursday
Classic Beer Mussels -
Garlic, onions, fresh herbs, lemon, Red Racer Wheat Ale
Full 15.00 Half 10.00Special of the day on Thursday
back to top Our Sandwhiches and Burgers
Steak Sandwich -
7oz AAA Steak served open face on our home-made ciabatta bun, topped with mushrooms, balsamic glaze and onion rings
Pulled Pork -
Rotisserie smoked, tossed in stout BBQ sauce and served on our home-made burger bun with coleslaw
Brisket Sandwich -
Spice rubbed and rotisserie smoked for 8 hours over hickory. Piled on our homemade ciabatta bun with crispy onions and mustard
Chicken Club House -
Grilled Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and Central City house cured beer bacon on our home-made ciabatta bun.
Broken Meatball Sub -
Pieces of meatballs on our garlic butter toasted home-made hoagie bun, tomato sauce and mozzarella
Brew Burger -
Melted stout cheddar cheese and house cured beer bacon on a beef patty
Naked Burger -
Choose either beef, chicken or veggie and add any of our delicious toppings
11.00Special of the day on Wednesday
back to top Our Mains
Fish and Chips -
Pale Ale beer battered haddock served with tartar sauce and coleslaw
Central City Fried Chicken -
Half a boneless chicken stuffed with cream cheese, caramelized onion, and mixed herbs, coated with a blend of 9 secret herbs and spices served with coleslaw and baked mac'n'cheese
Full 17.00 Half 12.00
back to top Our Pizzas
Margarita -
Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh bocconcini, basil and extra virgin olive oil
12.00Special of the day on Sunday
3 Cheese -
The cheese lovers pizza. Mozzerella, cheddar, and goat cheese with tomato sauce
13Special of the day on Sunday
Pepperoni -
Dry cured pepperoni, tomato sauce and mozzarella
13.00Special of the day on Sunday
Hawaiian -
Black forest ham, pineapple, tomato sauce and cheese
13.00Special of the day on Sunday
Stout BBQ Chicken -
BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, chicken and cheese, with fresh cilantro
13.00Special of the day on Sunday
Meatatarian -
Spicy capicola, black forest ham, pepperoni, bacon, tomato sauce and cheese
14.00Special of the day on Sunday
Sausage -
Chunks of spicy Italian sauce, roasted peppers, red onion, tomato sauce and mozzarella
14.00Special of the day on Sunday
Vegetarian -
A melody of roasted veggies, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes with a rose sauce
13.00Special of the day on Sunday
back to top Our Pastas
Linguini Carbonara -
Black pepper linguini, beer cured bacon and peas with a creamy parmesan sauce
Seafood Fettucine -
Salmon, prawns, and mussels in a rose sauce
Creamy Chicken Pesto -
Pesto sauce, cream, pulled chicken and fussili noodles
Goat Cheese Ravioli -
Goats cheese stuffed ravioli tossed in tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and basil
Spaghetti and Meatballs -
A blend of veal and beef meatballs, served with spaghetti tossed in tomato sauce
back to top Our Desserts
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse -
Frozen chocolate peanut butter mousse on top of a crunchy cereal base, beer caramel and vanilla ice cream
Stout Chocolate Brownie -
Served warm with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce
Apple Crumble -
Cinnamon and sugar baked apples with sweet oat crumble topping, served 'a la mode'
Individual Cheesecakes -
Ask your server for the flavour of the week
Rocky Road Ice Cream -
Liquid Nitrogen house made chocolate swirled ice cream served with stout brownie pieces and raspberry beer marshmellows
Dark Chocolate Stout Ice Cream -
Liquid Nitrogen house made ice cream served with honey pecans
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